MT Black recently included the link below in their legendary newsletter (see prior post) and I wanted to include it as I have vacillated between different tools for creating a game/campaign wiki (which I would put in a different league than GM notebook and world bible). This would be for the players to let them know about in-game lore and other information.

(We have tried a few different tools: Notion, World Anvil, and then a wiki in Confluence. Lately, I have been toying with trying a blog on Tumblr.)

  • [Why Google Sites Should Be Your Next Campaign Wiki / Lore Management System Gnome Stew](

Recently I came back to one I had used far in the past and realized the new version is even better and more accessible for campaign wikis – Google Sites. I’d built with this quite some time ago, but they have recently revamped their service and I find it even easier to use.