Hi. My name is George PR, and unordinarytales.com is a venue for my thoughts on tabletop roleplaying games (ttrpgs), game design, and the tabletop game industry at large.

About the Site

I’ve owned Unordinary Tales since the internet’s heady days in the early 2000s. The site has had many incarnations over the years with various platforms with different content shifts.

First, it was a portfolio for writing for tabletop roleplaying games that I hand-coded in HTML1, which covered my early writing for sci-fi/fantasy magazines and then freelancing for tabletop roleplaying games during the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition era. After that, it was a book review blog, and then it was inactive for many years (it is all a blur).

I revived the site in late-2022 by writing about my experiences coming back to playing TTRPGs. Since then I’ve written about tabletop roleplaying games, game design, and then my thoughts on the tabletop gaming industry. I plan on writing more about game design, and then also hopefully making some tutorials on using different to elevate your games.

The blog has changed technology stacks about as much as topics with first Blogger, Rapidweaver, Tumblr, and the most recent incarnation is created using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub.

:pen: 2024-01-31

  1. I think I used Dreamweaver maybe at some point too though I can’t remember exactly. I know that it had this swoop-like logo I made in Photoshop completely by accident in my college’s computer lab.