We are nearing the end of the campaign with a few sessions left (~2) and then a larger two-session capstone, which will be a large ball. It will end the longest I have ever run a game since returning to the hobby or even when I played long, long ago.

It has been a great experience and I can’t recommend running a game enough as it helps you be a better player and also helps with general soft skills like public speaking, creativity, organization, and storytelling; all skills that how use throughout your work and personal life.

I hope to have a longer post when I am done through my high-level thoughts on running a game (by no means in order):

  1. Have a Session 0: We only play once a week for a few hours and I wanted to be efficient. Running a session 0 helps set the frame for the entire chapter, campaign, etc.)
  2. Character Transparency: Having the players not know the other characters works for a streamed game, but having the players build their characters so they know each other helps the game start smoothly (especially if less than 4 players).
  3. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of starting. Just run the game.
  4. Don’t hold onto the exact story too tightly. Whatever you come up with the players will only make better with their characters adding a twist or zigzag.

I will add more once the game is done, but the above covers my overall thoughts on running the game as a returning player and newish DM.