The campaign I referenced in my prior post is going well. We are now several sessions into the game and we are having a good time with the story and the characters. The large city, Crow’s Crag, the characters are exploring has been a delight to develop and build out the city. This is my first time running a D&D 5th edition since my return to the hobby in 2020. It has been fantastic! I owe credit to the writing and podcasts from Mike Shea, which have been instrumental in my success.

I can’t recommend his podcast on DM preparation and also his book, The Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. The show is particularly good as you watch his process for prepping for a game so you can see how he plans campaigns. I especially love the archived Eberron campaign shows that start from session zero and run through the campaign’s conclusion. If you’re looking for shorter content or prefer another format he has a great newsletter and blog.