A blank map of a green island amid a soft blue sea.

“Drinathmyr, an island city-state off the continent’s north coast was once Astrarer stronghold though has been divided amongst the Concord Nations after the Twilight War.”

The city-state is an island stronghold once held by an ancient power that is now ruled over by several different authorities.

This world is inspired by #eberron, and is a “wide-magic” setting.

I am participating in the Dungeon 23 project this year, which had a great write-up in Gizmodo.

Dungeon23 is a daily writing practice that is built around game design. Every day the participant will design another room in a dungeon, and at the end of the week they will have a complete level. The next week starts the process over until you have 52 dungeon levels.

Now I am going to try to participate though I will be doing a city rather than a dungeon so I don’t know how far I will get in the process. I have created a side blog to track my progress (lack thereof). I will probably link back to it periodically though since I hope to be creating something every day that could be a lot.