During the pandemic, I thought about a D&D game where you don’t play a regular hero, but are a Duke or other leader of the realm, and then the players communicate through email as they were sending scrolls via ravens or falcons, etc.

Then I came across this game a month ago, and have been waffling over whether to pick up the book given our game group’s schedule.

Crowns & Castles (267 pages) lets you play D&D as a 4x empire strategy game. You’re no longer playing as a single character. In C&C you’re in control of an entire realm that you create from scratch, making decisions for its military, economy, culture, and diplomacy. That realm gains experience, levels up, and unlocks new abilities. And you’re going to do all this in a co-op, player-vs-player, or mixed environment with a DM who guides the world’s narrative and lets you attempt anything you can dream.

I picked up the PDF via DMs Guild a few weekends ago. I shall post my thoughts on the game soon once I can work through the other posts in the game search series and read through the game in more detail.