Given my recent post related to the OGL I was aware of the Creator Summit that Wizards had announced. I thought it was a show of good faith in their commitment to the community though I was curious how it would unfold. I thought Teos Abadia did an amazing job on the summation.

Prior to the creator summit, online rage suggested the attendees were sellouts or shills for Wizards of the Coast and its corporate overlords. The events proved otherwise. They also showed how deeply WotC wanted to engage with the community and their willingness to overcome serious planning mistakes.

Wizards has posted a recap for the Summit from their perspective.

This past Monday, we held our first creator summit of 2023. It was a first step in an ongoing conversation with our players, creators, and community. Although we need more time to connect with attendees, complete a full retrospective, and confirm next steps to transform feedback into action, we want to share some preliminary thoughts from the team.