D&D One

1 One D&D was announced at D&D Direct Wizards Presents on August 18th, 2022 and after watching the trailer via the summary post on IGN was rather pleased with the initial findings.

One D&D: Dungeons & Dragons Dropping ‘Editions’, Developing VTT Tools - IGN

I like how D&D is no longer getting new editions, but instead is getting regular updates that refine the game with player feedback. I also like how they are moving to do print editions and then also have the electronic versions bundled in with the physical books.

I thought Wizards would be foolish to not create an integrated Virtual Table Top built into D&D Beyond and they announced that as well. What did surprise me was how they are almost recreating the miniature and maps seen IRL (In Real Life) games. I thought it was a great approach to creating a unique experience and is different than other virtual tabletops like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. Also, from the trailer it seems like they will be using a play set model so you buy a set for a castle adventure published by Wizards and then re-use that set in your homebrew game.

I have yet to watch the full presentation and will write a follow-up post when that happens.

  1. This__ denotes an edit since the post went live; I originally confused D&D direct with Wizards Presents.